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Master the Art of Mixing & Mastering in
FL Studio Using Stock Plugins

  • This course will teach you the art of mixing and mastering music using FL Studio, the most popular digital audio workstation (DAW) software.

  • Whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer, you'll learn the essential techniques and methods to enhance the quality of your mix and achieve professional-sounding results.

  • From basic concepts like track organization and level balancing to advanced topics such as equalization, compression, and stereo imaging, you'll gain a thorough understanding of the mixing and mastering process in FL Studio.

  • Urban Singh brings a wealth of knowledge and insider techniques to the table. Throughout the course, you'll learn the core principles of mixing, mastering, and sound design, all within the powerful and versatile environment of FL Studio.

  • The course curriculum is thoughtfully crafted, covering everything from fundamental mixing techniques to advanced signal processing and creative sound design.

  • So, whether you aspire to top the charts, attract a wider audience, or unleash your creative potential, join Urban Singh in this transformative journey of sonic excellence. Enroll today and embark on the path to mastering the art of mixing and mastering in FL Studio – your music deserves nothing less.

Student's Feedback

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Key Highlights

  • 🔑 Learn the principles & fundamentals of mixing and mastering

  • 🔑 Be a master in Vocal Processing & Enhancing

  • 🔑 Explore advanced techniques for achieving a polished sound

  • 🔑 Learn Mixing & Mastering at your own pace anytime, anywhere and on every device.

  • 🔑 Full Mixing & Mastering Sessions

  • 🔑 FLP File for Reference purpose will be shared

  • 🔑 Hidden secrets of Mixing & Mastering revealed

  • 🔑 Certification after the completion of the course

What Will You Learn ?


Understanding Audio Basics

Learning the fundamentals of audio, such as sample rates, bit depth, file formats, and how sound behaves in the digital domain.


Learn Essential Mixing Techniques

Understand the basics of track organization, gain staging, and level balancing to create a balanced mix.


Achieve Clarity and Depth

Explore techniques for enhancing clarity, depth, and stereo imaging to bring out the full potential of your mix.


Master the Use of Effects

Discover the power of equalization, compression, reverb, delay, and other effects to shape the sound of individual tracks and the overall mix.


Polish Your Tracks with Mastering

Learn the essential steps of mastering to finalize your mix, optimize the overall loudness, and make it sound professional on different playback systems.


Where & when to use which Plugin & Why ?

Get the knowledge of plugins (Effects) that is actually required to make your sound good.

About The Creator

  • Urban Singh is a Multi Genre Music producer , Mix Master Engg. , Content Creator & an Entrepreneur.

  • He's been producing music professionally & commercially since 2015.

  • He produce's music of genres like hip-hop, trap, punjabi urban beats, future pop, pop, old school etc.

  • Urban Singh has a well set-up team for sound recording, song writing, producing, videography & Mixing- Mastering professionally.

  • Urban Singh has load of experience in Music Production, sound recording, Mixing Mastering & this is why overseas clients from Australia, New zealand, Canada, USA, prefers him because of his quality work in reasonable price.

  • Because of his quality work he's been able to gain 29k Instagram followers.

  • Below, You can find his Audio Profile that shows his work in different Genres with different artists from different countries.

  • He is already on its way to gain attention from some known artist of Music Industry.


RV  Panesar (Music Producer)

"My Tracks Sounds Way Better Now"


Inderdeep (Music Producer)

"100% Knowledge & Value For Money"


Shubham (Music Producer)

"Now I can Mix Master my track without any hesitation"



Introduction To Urban Singh


Theory & Fundamentals of Mixing & Mastering


In -Depth Mixing Session


In- Depth Mastering Session


FLP Project


Newtone Vocal Pitch Correction Course

"Unleash the true potential of your music with Urban Singh's Mix and Master course in FL Studio,
and watch your tracks come to life like never before.

Elevate your sound and captivate your audience with professional-grade skills,
guaranteed to take your music to new heights!"

So, what are you waiting for Enroll Now! 

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