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"Your Hit Song Starts Here"
FL Studio Music Production Course

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Unlock your potential in music production with the Music Production Course in FL Studio, curated by the renowned Urban Singh. Whether you’re a budding producer, a DJ eager to craft your own beats, or a musician looking to delve into digital music creation, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of music production. Urban Singh, a seasoned music producer with years of experience in the industry, has designed this course to guide you through every step of the music production process. From the basics of FL Studio to advanced sound design, mixing, and mastering techniques, you will gain hands-on experience and insider knowledge that can elevate your music to professional standards.

What is in the Course ?

6+ Hours of Pure Knowledge

  1. Introduction - Welcome to your comprehensive guide to mastering music production with FL Studio. In this course, you'll embark on an exciting journey to unleash your creative potential and become a proficient producer. 

  2. Course Curriculum - In this course, You'll learn how to use software and plugins effectively, as well as gain insights into Urban Singh's production techniques and workflow. Understanding the basics and advanced features of FL Studio. Easy to learn techniques and videosUn- Covering under rated and helpful features of FL Studio. 

  3. What is Needed for Producing - To get started with music production, you'll need a computer or laptop. You'll need a good pair of studio headphones or monitors to accurately hear your tracks. 

  4. Stages of Music Production - Step By Step Process and Techniques for making professional commercial tracks.

  5. Understanding the FL Studio Interface - The Browser, The Channel Rack, The Mixer, The Playlist, The Navigation Bar.

  6. Understanding the Sampler - The Sampler feature allows you to import and manipulate audio samples in your compositions. The Sampler offers a wide range of sound-shaping tools, such as filters, modulation, and envelope controls, to further customize your samples.

  7. Fundamental Music Theory for Producers - Understanding Notes and Scales, Chords & Chord Progression, Melody, Circle of Fifth and its importance in music making, Basslines Etc.

  8. How to find the scale of a song.

  9. How to find the BPM of a song.

  10. How to find Scale & Chords in a Loop.

  11. Drum Programming and Rhythm Patterns- Making of Drums that sounds great.

  12. How to Record Vocals in FL Studio - Dynamic mic vs condenser mic, Placement of condenser Microphone, Preamp Mic Gain, Distance Between Singer and Mic, Best settings to record Vocals in FL Studio.

  13. Arrangements of song in the playlist - Simple, Neat and Clean Technique.

  14. Transitions and Automations - Creating Excitement in the tracks.

  15. Full Music Production of a song from scratch using FL Studio Stock Plugins - Sharing all the Pro Secrets

Music Production Course

The Music Production Course in FL Studio is tailored for :

  • Aspiring Music Producers: Looking to build a career in music production.

  • DJs: Eager to create unique tracks to enhance their performances.

  • Musicians: Wanting to translate their musical ideas into digital formats.

  • Hobbyists: Curious about exploring music creation and production as a pastime

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Music Producer





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Key Highlights

  • Complete Mastery of FL Studio: From basic setup to advanced production techniques, master every aspect of FL Studio.

  • Music Theory Essentials: Learn essential music theory tailored specifically for producers.

  • Sound Design: Create unique sounds using synthesizers and advanced effects.

  • Hands-On Learning: Apply what you learn with real-world projects .

  • Downloadable Project Files: Access to project files for practice and deeper understanding.

  • Free 24,000 Loops & Sample Pack: Enhance your productions with high-quality, exclusive sample packs.

  • Professional Arrangement: Master the art of arranging your tracks to create engaging tracks.

  • Direct Instructor Access: Get personalized support and feedback from Urban Singh .

  • Learning Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to all course materials, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

  • Certificate of Completion: Earn a recognized certificate upon completing the course, enhancing your professional credibility.

  • Exclusive Tutorials: Step-by-step tutorials on specific techniques and advanced topics.

  • Q&A Sessions: Participate in regular Q&A sessions to resolve doubts and gain clarity on complex topics.

Ready to Elevate Your Music Production Skills? Transform your passion for music into a professional skillset with Urban Singh’s Music Production Course in FL Studio. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, this course offers everything you need to succeed in the world of music production. Visit the official website to learn more and enroll today!

Life Time Acces

What Will You Learn ?

Module 1 :

Introduction to FL Studio & General settings.

Module 4 :

The Sampler

Module 7:

Practical Examples of finding BPM, Root Note, Scale and Chords Progression, Pitch of sample and Bonus Tips

Module 2 :

Stages of Music Production 

Module 5 :

Essential Music Theory for Music Production

Module 8:

Vocal Recording Best Settings & Techniques

Module 3 :

4 Pillars of FL Studio - Channel Rack, Mixer Channel, Playlist, The Browser

Module 6:

Drum Programming

Module 9:

3+ Hours of Making Song in FL Studio from Scratch and Sound Designing

Why to Enroll in this course ?

  • You will be Learning from Urban Singh who has 9+ years of Experience in Music Production & Mix- Master

  • Worked with Bohemia, Hardeep Grewal, Simar Kaur, G Sidhu Etc.

  • Worked with Labels like SAGA Hits, T- Series, Humble Records, Music Time, Times Music Etc.

  • 6+ Hours of Pure Learning.

  • 49 Lectures of Pure Knowledge.

  • All Secrets and techniques of Music Production revealed.

  • 24,000 of Loops and Sample Pack free with this course.  

  • 650+ Students have already enrolled in our Mix & Master Course.

  • Life Time Access to all Course Material on any device.

  • Watch the course anywhere, anytime.

  • Q&A Platform .

  • Play Store App (Urban Singh Courses)

Urban Singh
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Unleash the true potential of your music with Urban Singh's Music Production course in FL Studio, and watch your tracks come to life like never before. Elevate your Tracks and captivate your audience with professional-grade skills ,guaranteed to take your music to new heights!"

So, what are you waiting for Enroll Now!

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