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For Music Producers | By Music Producer


  • Are you guys struggling to find & learn keys ?

  • Are you guys finding difficult to understand Chords ?

  • Does your Music Production Skills sucks ?

  • Want to learn FL Studio Shortcut Keys to uplift your Skills ?

  • Want to understand Music theory ?

  • Wants to be a "Pro" in FL Studio ?


Oh Yeah! 😍

Introducing Chords Helper & FL Studio Shortcut Keys Mouse Pads.

After buying this, You will get knowledge about  :

  1.  Music theory

  2.  Will be able to find & learn Keys

  3.  Better understanding of Chords & Keys

  4. Will become FL Studio power user

  5.  Music Production Skills will be enhanced

  6.  Increase in work flow just Like PRO's 😎


  1.  Three Layer Mouse Pad.

  2.  Large & Clear Text

  3.  XL Size

  4.  Washable

  5.  Smooth surface

  6. Perfect for playing games

  7.  Durable


Just for Rs 399/- Only | Its a steal deal Guys ⭐️

Free Shipping ✈️

100% Secure Payment

Each order is processed through a secure, 265-bit encrypted payment processing gateway to ensure your privacy.

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